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Genial esta parodia de una oferta de trabajo:

We work only with the very latest technologies, frameworks and languages. At least that’s what we claim and it doesn’t matter if there’s zero correlation to our actual product: […] It’s purely functional Web Assembly all the way to the core neural network running the heart of what’s essentially an imageboard with nicer design.

Our development toolchain is exclusively open source. This naturally doesn’t apply to our own product, because we love money. However, we do encourage all our employees to give back to the FOSS community – they just have to do it on their own free time. We’re not completely stupid.

Y sobre el proceso de selección:

A lengthy recruitment process which will take up significant amounts of your spare time, except for the interviews. We always interview on prem and during office hours.

IQ tests and bizarre questions designed to trap you in logical cul-de-sacs while simultaneously having nothing at all to do with programming or relevant domain-specific knowledge.

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