<txp:jnm_audio /> inserts an mp3 audio player (flash) in your pages and articles.

The flash player was created by Martin Laine.


<txp:jnm_audio url="http://..."/>


  1. Download the flash player: audio-player.zip
  2. Create a folder called plugins inside your blog directory and uncompress the contents of audio-player.zip in it.
  3. Download the plugin (jnm_audio_0_3.txt) and install it in textpattern.


  • fileid = id of the uploaded textpattern file (using txp file tab) to be used as the track for this player
  • filename = name of the uploaded textpattern file (using txp file tab) to be used as the track for this player
  • audio = name of the file to be used as the the track for this player. Textpattern will look for this file inside a folder called “audio” in your blog directory (you need to use ftp or other method to upload the file)
  • url = url of an mp3 file to be used as the track for this player.

You must only specify one source for the track (use only one of the previous attributes).

If you specify ‘.’ as the value for any of the previous attributes, the tag will parse his body to obtain the actual value.


<txp:jnm_audio url="."><txp:custom_field name="custom1" /></txp:jnm_audio>

(will use the text in ‘custom1’ as the url for this player)

  • loop = set to ‘yes’ to loop the track indefinitely
  • autostart = set to ‘yes’ to start to play the track automatically
  • bgcolor = Background color
  • textcolor = Text color
  • leftbgcolor = Left background color
  • lefticoncolor = Left icon color
  • rightbgcolor = Right background color
  • rightbghovercolor = Right background hover color
  • righticoncolor = Right icon color
  • righticonhovercolor = Right icon hover color
  • slidercolor = Progress slider color
  • trackcolor = Progress track color
  • loadercolor = Loader bar color
  • bordercolor = Border color

Version 0.3



  • Eliminated some warnings in debug mode.
  • The plugin now generates valid xhtml code.


  • Added “special” value ‘.’ (evaluate body)


  • Initial release